Whitman’s Poetry Reprints

Start date: January 2015
Projected publication: ongoing

Project Participants:
Matt Cohen, University of Texas at Austin
Ashley Palmer, Indiana University Bloomington
Stephanie Blalock, University of Iowa
Alejandro Omidsalar, University of Texas at Austin

We are making a bibliographic hand list of the reprints of Walt Whitman’s poetry that were issued during his lifetime (1819-1892). The list will include first appearances of his poetry in periodicals, as well as reprints in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, reviews, anthologies, occasional publications, and other venues. Currently the list is maintained in a spreadsheet; the latest version of it may be downloaded at the link below.

As the project proceeds, we will make available our findings both here and by way of a website that will allow us to display several different visualizations of the data. For more information, or if you know of a reprint that we are unlikely otherwise to discover, please contact Matt Cohen.

Whitman’s poetry reprints spreadsheet: WWPoetryReprints1838-1892_2016-1-MASTER


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